About Me

I’m stuck in the 80’s and proud of it.

Hi! I’m Kenneth Sanford. I got bit by the artistic bug very early on. I’ve always been creating something. My passion started with basic drawing and creating flip book style animation.

Next came the music phase (a phase that I’m still in at close to 50 years old). I designed and decorated all my school book covers and folders with band logos, faux album cover designs, and basically anything “Metal.” Rock on!

Other areas of interest at this time were architectural drafting, screen-printing, and of course, photography. I’m talking “old school” with actual film, dark rooms, stinky chemicals, and lots of waiting and praying that you got a good shot.

In college, my photography was put on the back burner in exchange for airbrushing. For the next decade or so, I was all about the airbrush and illustration. Silk screening T-shirts was also high on the importance list at this time.

Around the late 90’s, I rediscovered my passion for photography due to the dawn of the digital era. At this point it was all about the computer, digital camera, and Photoshop. And of course my love of music and all things related to 80’s hair metal never left.

I consider myself an artist, first and foremost. I’ve never been comfortable with the “photographer” label. A photographer captures moments in time. He catches the fish. I do that as well, but I also bring it home, clean it up, and serve it for dinner. My art is a blend of photos and digital painting. I start with a photograph and take it to wherever my imagination leads me.

At this point in the story I’m supposed to mention my credentials:  where I went to school, awards I’ve gotten, where I’ve been published, and all that jazz. Wank, wank. I’ve taken many semesters of school, but I don’t have a degree. I’ve designed band and corporate logos, album covers, restaurant menus, had my work published, and even put out a cookbook with my wife. (blatant plug alert) https://wellfedfamilies.com/cookbook/. But none of that stuff really matters.

I just enjoy the creative process and I love “physical” art. Magazines, vinyl, books, and artwork that you can actually unwrap on Christmas and then hang on your wall to enjoy. Sorry, just can’t do that with Facebook. So even though my work is created entirely in a digital format, it is meant to be enjoyed on your wall…